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2012 - 2013

Luv'Em & Leave' Em


LaBron & Valerie Mason


LaBron Mason is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Luv' Em & Leave' Em Professional Learning Center. LaBron has always had an amazing love for children and business. His hobbies include creating quality moments with his family, movies, music, fishing, racquetball and audio books.

Day of birth - October 25th

Favorite food - All (I'll try anything once)

Favorite color - Blue

Valerie Mason is the President and Director of the facility. The vision for Luv' Em & Leave' Em has been deeply rooted in her since the age of 17. Her hobbies include spending time with family, reading, fitness training, shopping and interior decorating.

Day of birth - October 25th

Favorite Food - American

Favorite color - Purple

Jackie is the Assistant Director for Luv' Em & Leave' Em Professional Learning Center. Jackie's hobbies include reading, surfing the internet and finding new ways to teach.

Jackie states "I love working at Luv' Em & Leave' Em Professional Learning Center because it gives me a chance to enhance a child's learning. I do it for the joy that it brings to the kids. You can say it is my passion, but most important, it is my way of life! I would do it without getting paid because I truly enjoy every aspect of this job!"

Day of birth - September 4th

Favorite foods - Italian, ice cream, salmon, tilapia

Jacquelyn "Jackie" Abraham

Marilyn "Renee" Jordan

Renee's hobbies include having fun with grandchildren and family.

Renee states "I love working here at Luv' Em & Leave' Em because I feel I have learned how to care for children more. I have been at this facility for 6 years and I have found that I love the children at all ages."

Day of birth - December 31

Favorite foods - Chicken and fish

Teresa Sanchez

Teresa loves to play and watch football (GO COWBOYS).

Teresa states "I really love kids because I have patience for kids and babies. I like how they struggle to learn but they continue to try until they get it. I think it is better for them to learn everything before they go to school."

Day of birth - Oct. 22nd

Favorite foods - Chocolate Ice Cream

Virginia Williams

Adrianna Jordan

Jessica Villarreal

Jessica loves cooking, swimming, dancing and spending time with her baby girl and twins.

Jessica states - "I like teaching because we train them in their ABC's, numbers and colors by the age of 3 and by age 4 they know how to write at least their name so they will be advanced for school."

Day of birth -

Favorite foods -

Andrea Scott

Damisha Sam

Erika Sanchez


Sherita Miles

Audria Jones

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