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Our Philosophy

Every person feels good about doing the things that they do well.  Athlete's enjoy practicing the sport they play more if they win at that sport often. 


Children are no different.  We simply encourage our children to master their current learning level regardless of their age.  Once they master a level, we expose them to new levels of learning in fun and exciting ways. 

This concept allows our children to feel confidence at each level of learning, regardless of their age.  This  constant growth  and confidence causes our children to have a natural love of learning.

Our curriculum has been custom built, tried and tested to achieve specific results.  Each classroom has specific groups with specific objectives to achieve in a 13 week course before moving on to the next group.

Children receive homework and study assignments related to the curriculum objective they are currently learning.  The curriculum is a proven guide to get the children on the best route to achieve academic success.

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